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Bruce's story

sharing Bruce\'s journey through osteosarcoma

Bruce's story

Sweet Baby Bandit

November 11th, 2017 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Sweet Baby Bandit, October 15, 2015 – November 8, 2017

I haven’t posted anything in quite awhile, things having been going so well for Bruce that I didn’t want to jinx him. He is currently almost 15 months post amputation and aside from a scare in the spring everything has been going really, really well for him. Unfortunately the same could not be said for Bruce’s best friend and baby sister. We made the very difficult decision to let her go on November 8, we had adopted Bandit at 6 weeks from a nearby Indian reserve after her mother had been shot and killed when the pups were 5 weeks old. Right from the beginning we were concerned about her hind legs, as they didn’t look quite right, all the vet said was “we’ll keep an eye on it”. By 6 months she was having tremors in her hind legs and I thought that her spine looked odd and very arched toward the lumbar area, again the vet said, “she’s still growing, we’ll keep an eye on it”. Bandit never had much of an appetite and in August of this year she began losing weight, she had always been very thin but she was skin and bones, we made another trip to the vet and several tests and several hundred dollars later, we were no further ahead. At that visit to the vet I noticed for the first time that Bandit was standing on the tops of her feet, I pointed it out to the vet and her response was “that’s odd”, nothing more. Within a week her legs were not just having tremors, they were shaking and her gait had changed considerably. At that point I decided we needed to see a different vet, in early September we went and Bandit had an incredibly thorough exam, and the new vet suspected she might have Wobblers Syndrome, and appointment was scheduled with a neurologist at the University of Guelph the following week. The neurologist did not think she had Wobblers, but thought an MRI would be a good idea, they also determined that she was not suffering any pain, she had lost the feeling in her feet and she didn’t have any reflexes in her knees and at this point walking was increasingly difficult for her. We decided against the MRI because we were told that even “if” they could determine what was wrong, they didn’t know if she would be a candidate for spinal surgery, and that is she was they couldn’t reverse the damage already done, that at most they could prevent or slow down her decline. So we spoiled her rotten and when she could no longer walk and it seemed her spark was dimming, we made the decision to let her go. When Bruce was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, my only comfort was that when his time came I would have my sweet, sweet puppy to get me through my grief. Now Bruce and I are helping one another, but he keeps looking for his baby sister, every time I come home, he runs to the back of my jeep, expecting her to get out, and when she doesn’t he runs to the front door and goes inside to look and when he can’t find her, he goes to wait on the porch for her. He still has his buddy Butch, but we are all feeling a huge void without our baby.[/caption]

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  • paws120

    I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family. Bandit is not in pain anymore and she is running happily with the others that have made it over the bridge. I have no doubt she will keep a good eye on your family and her Tripawd brother.

  • linda8115

    I’m so sorry for your loss of Bandit. Sometimes we just can’t fix them no matter how much we want to. Fly free new Angel and sending you healing light and holding you in my thoughts and prayers as you find yourself navigating this hard time.
    Linda & Spirit Mighty Max

  • Super Stu!

    Sweet baby girl! I’m so sorry for you at this very difficult time!
    You were Bandits saviour from the day she found you!
    Bruce will show help you through! But please remember that he needs you to be present with him too! He is a true Warrior too!
    Take very good care of yourselves and comfort can be found in talking with your girl. She will always be close! 🌈❤️
    Hugs from Stewie

  • jerry

    Ohhhhh my heart goes out to you, I’m so sorry to read this about Bandit. She had such gorgeous eyes! What a huge loss to the pack.

    Know that you did your best by pointing out her issues to the vet. And when you got no answers, you advocated for her and got closer to the truth of what was going on. Kudos to you for being her ally and getting to the bottom of what was going on. Learning how to be our dog’s best advocate is a process that usually happens under duress. And you did great.

    Bandit was lucky to find you when she did. You gave her a great life and set her free with dignity. That love she shared with you and the pack will never, ever fade.

    How wonderful that Bruce is doing so well. I hope that bit of good news brings you comfort. Give that pup a big smooch from us OK?

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